Friday, August 9, 2013

How to be completely organized, like, all the time

Okay. So, I'm basically copying the Discovery Girls magazine. Whatever. I don't care. (I love it~! >.<)

Anyway, I really loved this article and learned a lot from it. So now I'm summarizing it and/or transcribing/quoting it in a minor way.


give me a second, I'm not.


Article #1: Time Management

  1. Write down everything you have to do.
  2. Prioritize, as in, what do you have to do at a certain time? Aka Dinner at 7. Also, star the items that are very important (you have to do it for tomorrow.)
  3. Write down how long it will take to do each thing.
  4. Now put the items in an ordered list, and write it into your planner*
* I hate planners, because I hate going to all that trouble, but if planners float your boat, then by all means! This does seem like a good idea though. I just can't be bothered.

Helpful Tip: Break down big projects into bite-sized pieces so you can tackle them day by day.

Article #2: Ways to get Organized
  1. Color code your subjects. Maybe you might want to get red for math. Or green for English. You can also use a marker and color in the bottom of the notebook so that you can see it from your desk (if you have this kind of desk.)
  2. Have a pencil case. If you use a binder then you can get one with holes but that's really not necessary, as long as you don't lose things and or lend it to friends who tend to lose things.
  3. Type up your notes. I've never done this before because I think it might tend to be time-consuming but I'd LOVE to try this! Except for the pictures of course. I dislike scanning. Hey, maybe I could OCR my notes? (Gotta write legibly enough.)
  4. Use Post-Its to write down tasks. This is a great one for me as I have TONS of Post-Its lying around the house (over half of them are NEW!!)
Did this post help you at all? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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