Monday, August 19, 2013

And the verdict is................

Well, you wouldn't have guessed, as I ranted about how I wouldn't like it in the last post (), but the verdict is..............


Wow, I wouldn't have guessed either.

So last night after I finished my blog post, I went to think of more ideas and came up with this one, which I thought was a pretty good idea....

But then, I saw this:

Oh dear, no.

So then....... I settled on Pocahontas. 

We went to Jo-Ann's. Possibly the best fabric store ever. I've always wondered what will happen if Jo-Ann and Michael (from Michael's) got married? I guess it will result in the biggest, most amazing craft superstore EVER!!!!!!!

Well, anyway, we went and got this nice synthetic suede for cheap :) Yay!

I forgot to bring my 40% off coupon. Oops. Oh well.

So the whole point of DIY-ing is making it super fun and also, like, not buy an extremely expensive costume, right? And also make the costume so that you can probably wear it as normal wear (hopefully).

Okay. So although the Disney store doesn't sell the Pocahontas costume in my size, the cost of the costume is $40. Plus the $16.95 for the shoes :)

Ooh! I am positive I can save money on this one ^ ^ Also! I AM including tax, although the original Disney price does NOT include tax. It doesn't really matter, though.

  1. Suede
  2. Boots
  3. Headband
  4. Feathers
  5. Thread.

Well, let's see.
The suede for the body of the costume cost $7.72 for 1 yard and 25 inches (end of bolt). We actually saved $7.86 there, because of discount, and end-of-bolt savings.
I am not counting my boots, because I bought them last winter anyway, so I got a season's wear out of them already. But, they cost $20. 

We can compare the "actual total", including price of things that were already bought way before I knew I was going to do Pocahontas, with the "costume total" (just things that we bought AFTER I knew I was going to do Pocahontas) later ;)
I already have the thread, on account of the sewing frenzy I'm on. But those cost, I believe, $1.50.
Feathers........... I am not sure if I should add feathers. Probably not. But I already purchased them from Michael's, so.............. it will count.  $4.
Headband, bought from Claire's, but I wasn't going to use it for the costume, so it doesn't count either. But just in case, it cost $6.
OKAY. Let's add them up.

Wow! I can't wait to make this costume!


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