Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Um, so, some writing, yeah?

Yeah, I haven't been sharing a lot of writing on here. *Sigh*. Oh well. Here's my entry for this competition, hosted by SmileyFaceGirl......

Times had been tough for forever, or so it seemed to Carmel. Every day, she would look out the window for a sign of a pink lantern, which signaled her parents’ homecoming from their voyage out to sea. But for now, the children would have to manage the little house by the sea by themselves. 

Carmel shivered in the cold December air as she scanned the horizon desperately. The dark clouds warned of a thunderstorm, so she ran inside. Her younger sister, Rosie, was already closing the windows and locking them securely. When the thunder boomed, baby Millie started crying. Carmel rocked her baby sister, keeping her eyes on the door, waiting for her older brother Frederick to come home from his job at the market.

There was a sharp knock on the door. In her anxiety, Carmel forgot to look through the peephole before opening the door, but it turned out to be Mr. June, who was Frederick’s boss. “There’s been an accident;” he said grimly, “Frederick’s been taken to the hospital.”

Carmel’s hands flew up to her mouth. “What happened?” Rosie asked shyly.

“It wasn’t his fault,” Mr. June said quickly. “It was slippery, the car couldn’t see well—“

Carmel felt sick, but she tried to be strong. “We have to go see him straightaway!” she exclaimed, bundling Millie into the stroller. Then the three girls followed Mr. June to the hospital through the rain coming down.

The thunderstorm had left so many casualties. Fisherman had drowned at sea. There was no hope of finding the pink lantern tonight, but Carmel couldn’t help but feel upset at leaving the house. What if the signal came while she was away?

When they reached the hospital, there was a long line of people waiting to visit their loved ones. Carmel recognized Leila, whose husband was a fisherman. She was weeping and praying, her mouth making the shape of “I love you”, but no sound was coming out.

Carmel, pushing the stroller and holding Rosie’s little hand, followed Mr. June into the glaringly lit, crowded hospital.

Monday, August 19, 2013

And the verdict is................

Well, you wouldn't have guessed, as I ranted about how I wouldn't like it in the last post (), but the verdict is..............


Wow, I wouldn't have guessed either.

So last night after I finished my blog post, I went to think of more ideas and came up with this one, which I thought was a pretty good idea....

But then, I saw this:

Oh dear, no.

So then....... I settled on Pocahontas. 

We went to Jo-Ann's. Possibly the best fabric store ever. I've always wondered what will happen if Jo-Ann and Michael (from Michael's) got married? I guess it will result in the biggest, most amazing craft superstore EVER!!!!!!!

Well, anyway, we went and got this nice synthetic suede for cheap :) Yay!

I forgot to bring my 40% off coupon. Oops. Oh well.

So the whole point of DIY-ing is making it super fun and also, like, not buy an extremely expensive costume, right? And also make the costume so that you can probably wear it as normal wear (hopefully).

Okay. So although the Disney store doesn't sell the Pocahontas costume in my size, the cost of the costume is $40. Plus the $16.95 for the shoes :)

Ooh! I am positive I can save money on this one ^ ^ Also! I AM including tax, although the original Disney price does NOT include tax. It doesn't really matter, though.

  1. Suede
  2. Boots
  3. Headband
  4. Feathers
  5. Thread.

Well, let's see.
The suede for the body of the costume cost $7.72 for 1 yard and 25 inches (end of bolt). We actually saved $7.86 there, because of discount, and end-of-bolt savings.
I am not counting my boots, because I bought them last winter anyway, so I got a season's wear out of them already. But, they cost $20. 

We can compare the "actual total", including price of things that were already bought way before I knew I was going to do Pocahontas, with the "costume total" (just things that we bought AFTER I knew I was going to do Pocahontas) later ;)
I already have the thread, on account of the sewing frenzy I'm on. But those cost, I believe, $1.50.
Feathers........... I am not sure if I should add feathers. Probably not. But I already purchased them from Michael's, so.............. it will count.  $4.
Headband, bought from Claire's, but I wasn't going to use it for the costume, so it doesn't count either. But just in case, it cost $6.
OKAY. Let's add them up.

Wow! I can't wait to make this costume!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Halloween costume search :(

So, I am totally on a Halloween costume roll...........

except for the part where I can't find any.

First of all, I hate all the ones they sell in shops.........

WHAT. No. nonononononono.

No. Although the girls look like they're having fun, I will not have it. I'm not going to be dressed up as an alternate version of this:

Yeah...................... no.

So I've got to DIY it anyway. Well...... I have no ideas. Yikes.

At first I thought: Vanellope von Schweetz! I've got the black hair down, right?

But then I was like, ew no, it's going to be cliche this year.

Then I was like, hey let's be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania!

Then I was like, ew no, she looks so goth.

Then I got a brilliant idea while browsing the aisles of Michael's:

How about this gal?!

I might actually be this doggy. She's from Go, Dog, Go! Which was, like, the first book I ever read, except not really. :D

Hmm... how about WordGirl?

But, this girl is making me have second doubts:


Um......... Pocahontas? That would be pretty cool, except for I don't have a 1) leather/buckskin/brown dress and 2) I am not interested in wearing a brown paper bag over regular clothes like I did in second grade. Once is enough, thank you very much.

Then I thought I hit gold. An SNSD girl!!! OMG maybe?! 

Sans heels, of course.

Ehh........... it's a plain costume and nobody would recognize it..........

Oh! Oh! I know!!!!! I'll take inspiration from my absolute idol, Taytay..........


..........sans the eye makeup (sigh.......)

Alright then.

So the choices were:

Random lady dog with the hat
SNSD girl
Taylor Swift

Geez. Maybe I will do the Taylor Swift thing. Sigh........... it's also kinda plain.

Last year I wore this:

with homemade fairy wings and was Tinkerbell. It was a hit (in my opinion, anyway) although I omitted the wings in the end as they kept knocking into things ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Announcing the new STYLE section!!!


My new friend David told me this quote, I have no idea where he got it from but I think it's very "subtly inspiring" which is nice in itself! Well I may be reading too much into this quote (^^) but I think it means that it is only in the human nature to make mistakes, and that making mistakes is okay; but complaining or whining is not. Very positive and firm message! :)

Well, as you already know, it's almost my first blogiversary here at On Cats and Cantaloupe (two of my favorite things in the world) !!!

So............ I decided to make a couple of changes. *gasp*! Don't worry, the changes will be amazing and I promise to carry them out.

First, a new blog background/template. Did you guys notice that? I love it. It's such a cute template...... I've actually had it stored in my Google Drive for a long time and found it today, whilst cleaning out my Drive (hehe, too many things in there.....)

Second, new blog name! Woot woot. An important notice is that this does not change the blog address. Please do not type "" into your address box. I assure you, it will not lead you here. It will lead you to a Google page if you are using Chrome. Otherwise........ I have no idea. Probably a "This website does not exist" message, I guess.

Third, I am announcing a..............

I will add the curling hair post to this section, accessible from the top tab labeled "Style", and I am working on another post to put there! Stay tuned!

~ dana

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remembering through the years

Hi, it's me, Dana, and it's almost my first blogiversary for Cats and Cantaloupe! I can't believe it, time really does fly. Also, it's almost my second blogiversary for my other blog, Once Upon a Book, although I forgot about my first one and so I'm treating it extra special all the same.

I want to commemorate this special occasion when it's actually September, although I'll be very busy with school and whatnot.  Today I want to talk about something different.

I saw this picture online today, while randomly surfing the Internet, and it kind of made me really sad. I know that maybe a lot of you readers are laughing at this picture, but I hope not. I believe that you are all good people.

You know, I was talking about this with one of my friends the other day. About how under-represented girls with terminal illnesses and such are in pop culture, and young girls are especially un-exposed to it.

Is cancer so horrible that it would scar your child for life if he/she knew about it? No. Yes, it's scary, because it can kill people, but not scary like a monster. They would probably think that it's like a cold, or the flu, only on a (much) bigger scale.

But then again, there's the issue of marketability. And I'm not just talking about the actual character TV show/movie/whatever. Big companies need to market their products. Ugh.

See here's the problem, as I was saying to my friend. Parents would not want their children to go around saying, "I want to be just like ____ and be have no hair!" and stuff like that. Also as this person would probably not be a princess (or she could be), no costume to sell. So... yup.

The above picture made me really sad because it reminded me of Talia Joy Castellano. Rest in peace, beautiful angel <33.

Till next time,

xoxo dana

P.S. no poster. I was super busy with YouTube stuff. yep. I uploaded about like 5 videos today, took down two, and yeah. Busy busy day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

How to be completely organized, like, all the time

Okay. So, I'm basically copying the Discovery Girls magazine. Whatever. I don't care. (I love it~! >.<)

Anyway, I really loved this article and learned a lot from it. So now I'm summarizing it and/or transcribing/quoting it in a minor way.


give me a second, I'm not.


Article #1: Time Management

  1. Write down everything you have to do.
  2. Prioritize, as in, what do you have to do at a certain time? Aka Dinner at 7. Also, star the items that are very important (you have to do it for tomorrow.)
  3. Write down how long it will take to do each thing.
  4. Now put the items in an ordered list, and write it into your planner*
* I hate planners, because I hate going to all that trouble, but if planners float your boat, then by all means! This does seem like a good idea though. I just can't be bothered.

Helpful Tip: Break down big projects into bite-sized pieces so you can tackle them day by day.

Article #2: Ways to get Organized
  1. Color code your subjects. Maybe you might want to get red for math. Or green for English. You can also use a marker and color in the bottom of the notebook so that you can see it from your desk (if you have this kind of desk.)
  2. Have a pencil case. If you use a binder then you can get one with holes but that's really not necessary, as long as you don't lose things and or lend it to friends who tend to lose things.
  3. Type up your notes. I've never done this before because I think it might tend to be time-consuming but I'd LOVE to try this! Except for the pictures of course. I dislike scanning. Hey, maybe I could OCR my notes? (Gotta write legibly enough.)
  4. Use Post-Its to write down tasks. This is a great one for me as I have TONS of Post-Its lying around the house (over half of them are NEW!!)
Did this post help you at all? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

A DIY tutorial!!!!!!

So, omijosh, today is a HUGE day! Guess what I made with this chevron-ish calico cotton I purchased from Jo-Ann's? (I had a 40% coupon due to my overly-frugal attitude when it comes to shopping).

Can't you guess?!

OK, fine. It's this "Fabric Covered Notebook or Binder" diy project that I found on (link to original tute.)

Since it's time for BTS (back to school) anyway, I thought I'd make something to make the school day more bearable than it already is. It's like boosting an 85 to a 90. ^^ (Don't remind me of the Great School Makeover epic fail.)

So, I had this incredibly ugly plain black binder. I sadly don't have pictures of the original, but here's what it looked like.

Now I shall attempt to write the instructions for my very first DIY tutorial ever.

So... yup. ISN"T IT GORGEOUS?!!

Anyway, I probably will add a follow-up post when it dries................. like in a month or two. No biggie ;)

Anyhoo. Oh yes, I have a motto poster (for once!!)

I have a blue version too!

I found the quote from a poem by Emilie F on, titled "1964". It's a very lovely poem, y'all should go check it out!! :)

Till tomorrow, or next year,