Monday, December 31, 2012

Curls and hair!

I just adore curls and curly hair. Don't you?

Actually, I like wavy hair better, because I simply despise some kinds of curls. Including frizzy curls and poomfy hair. But usually? I like both.

And guess what? I learned how to put honest-to-goodness curls in my hair!

So as a New Year's Eve special, I'm going to be sharing not one, but two ways to curl your hair!

(My dad says it's really complicated, and that you should just use his method. So I'll show you that, too. Warning: I have not tested either one on short hair, but I think that it has to be about shoulder-length to work.)

Dad's Method (Not Recommended XD):

1. Shower, take a bath, walk through the rain, or otherwise get your hair wet.
2. Curl your hair with pencils or other cylindrical objects (????)
3. Use a hair dryer.

Disclaimer: Above method not guaranteed. I will not be held responsible for any freak hair accidents gone wrong.

My Method (No, it's not my method! It's a method from YouTube! Plagiarism alert!):

Here I will include an image, directions, and a video. Good luck! (P.S. My instructions are horribly unclear. If you wish to be challenged, look at them, but make sure to watch the video too!)

PPS It sounds awfully long (7 and a half minutes!) but you only need to watch till 2:05 to get the main idea :)

And here's the promised image:
The directions are in the image, but whatever:

  1. Take a strand of hair and moisten slightly.
  2. Wrap ONCE around two fingers
  3. Wrap the "rest of hair" around the hair leading to head, but remember to leave a tail!
  4. Sandwich tail between fingers and pull through (not all the way!!)
  5. Holding onto the "bump" that comes out on the side of the wrapped hair opposite the tail, push the wrapped hair ("cocoon") down!
VOILA!!! The perfect curl.