Sunday, January 27, 2013

Self Poems!!

Self Poems are a really fun activity, even though some students may fool around with it. Here is the format:

I am leading a _________ life

I am watching ___________________
I had a ___________but I lost it
I used to believe _______________
But now I know_________________________
And now, at ____years old, I have seen ____________
I have touched _________________
I believe _____________________
I don't know why______________________
I hate_______________________
I love_______________________
I hope____________________________
And my heart is_____________________.

An example might be:

I am leading a standstill life
I am watching the world go by
I had a beautiful ponytail holder but I lost it
I used to believe in happy endings
But now I know they only happen to some people.
And now, at ten years old, I have seen the inside of a surgery room
I have touched a cow’s udder (for real!)
I believe that dreams can come true
I don’t know why feelings is the hardest subject
I hate jump rope
I love the unpolluted world
I hope something I don’t dare to say
And my heart is waiting for someone to take the reins.

You could make a serious one, such as the one above, or a lighthearted one, but both are very cool and interesting activities for kids!


Friday, January 18, 2013

The Daily Motto Poster

I started turning my photographs into Motto Posters and I will try to post them up here. Although it definitely won't be a daily event, every time I post there should be a Motto Poster at the top. Today's is:

"To be a to see the sunshine lurking everywhere."

Yes, I made that up. But so what? It's uplifting and cheerful and bright and pretty. Well, sorry about the Tahoma font for "To be a rose...." but yes, you can fix that with Microsoft Paint because that's the software I used to put on the words!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Thought for Today

Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does. -Josh Billings, columnist and humorist (1818-1885) 

Conscience, in this example, refers to that feeling of guilt when you do something wrong. So, is he saying that we often make mistakes regarding reason but are always saved by our conscience? Or is he saying that there are often unreasonable things, but never things that are not conscientious? This is a bit confusing, because it's one of those things that sound easy to understand but aren't really, and its profound meaning is quite interesting.

Luv ya lots!

Dana xoxo

P.S. More to come.