Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Great School Makeover

A new school semester is about to begin, so I'm going to plan a huge School Makeover. No, I'm not making over the school. That's a ginormous project too big for me to undertake. Rather, I'm only going to make over my class, my cubby, and try to inspire happiness among the classroom.

I have a couple of plans in this project.

  1. Organize cubby
    1. Place all textbooks vertically to decrease used space.
      1. Place a scrapbook-page-made 'placemat' under the vertical textbook 'fence' to make your bland mint-green cubby look more festive and inviting.
  2. Shopping bag caddy 
    1. makeover
      1. Paint a shopping bag
      2. Tape thin(ish, compared to the corrugated kind) cardboard along the walls
      3.  Then tape thick cardboard to the bottom. Be careful! Pick only strong-ish cardboard, not flimsy, looks-thick-but-really-isn't cardboard.
      4. Put in gardening/craft stuff!
    2. Purpose
      1. Part of this is to organize my cubby, but part of it is also to plant things around the school and cross my fingers to hope they grow.
  3. "My Happiness" board
    1. makeover
      1. Take an old, expired stand-up-by-itself desk calendar and rip out all of the pages.
      2. Paint one side (or both, if you like) with chalkboard paint. I bought a taupe colored Martha Stewart chalkboard paint and am ever so excited to do this project!
      3. Let dry following manufacturer's instructions.
      4. Optional step: Using a Sharpie or other permanent marker, write either "I am...." or "I am feeling" or "My mood" or "My feeling" or whatever.
      5. Have fun and rock n' roll! You can draw faces to represent your happiness level, or a temperature degree thing with a lot of marks and labels, or just scribble down your mood in a word or two with chalk! Easy to clean, too: magnificent!
    2. Purpose
      1. Inspire kids all over the classroom to be happy and laugh whenever they see it.
Okay, but I still have to make a motto poster, because it's not good enough, right? Laugh out loud! That is so mean! Whatever, I really do want to make a motto poster, but I'm just not sure how because I'm using an old Macintosh computer. Well, I'll figure it out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Amazing Kids!

I am ashamed to say that I have been putting off posting for a while, and part of the reason was because  of my vow to you that I would post beautiful motto posters every time! Well, I'm back into 'photo frenzy' mode, so I have lots of pictures to work with-- but maybe not so many cute sayings. But maybe that's alright!

Anyway, I come to you today to say that I've got some really good news. One of my submissions has been accepted to Amazing Kids! Magazine! You can access their online magazine publication's website through this link.

I have been informed that the submission will appear in the March issue of their magazine. So look for it there! I will post the link to the article when it has been uploaded to their website by the Amazing Kids! Magazine staff.

Looking forward to it!