Sunday, January 27, 2013

Self Poems!!

Self Poems are a really fun activity, even though some students may fool around with it. Here is the format:

I am leading a _________ life

I am watching ___________________
I had a ___________but I lost it
I used to believe _______________
But now I know_________________________
And now, at ____years old, I have seen ____________
I have touched _________________
I believe _____________________
I don't know why______________________
I hate_______________________
I love_______________________
I hope____________________________
And my heart is_____________________.

An example might be:

I am leading a standstill life
I am watching the world go by
I had a beautiful ponytail holder but I lost it
I used to believe in happy endings
But now I know they only happen to some people.
And now, at ten years old, I have seen the inside of a surgery room
I have touched a cow’s udder (for real!)
I believe that dreams can come true
I don’t know why feelings is the hardest subject
I hate jump rope
I love the unpolluted world
I hope something I don’t dare to say
And my heart is waiting for someone to take the reins.

You could make a serious one, such as the one above, or a lighthearted one, but both are very cool and interesting activities for kids!


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