Friday, August 16, 2013

Announcing the new STYLE section!!!


My new friend David told me this quote, I have no idea where he got it from but I think it's very "subtly inspiring" which is nice in itself! Well I may be reading too much into this quote (^^) but I think it means that it is only in the human nature to make mistakes, and that making mistakes is okay; but complaining or whining is not. Very positive and firm message! :)

Well, as you already know, it's almost my first blogiversary here at On Cats and Cantaloupe (two of my favorite things in the world) !!!

So............ I decided to make a couple of changes. *gasp*! Don't worry, the changes will be amazing and I promise to carry them out.

First, a new blog background/template. Did you guys notice that? I love it. It's such a cute template...... I've actually had it stored in my Google Drive for a long time and found it today, whilst cleaning out my Drive (hehe, too many things in there.....)

Second, new blog name! Woot woot. An important notice is that this does not change the blog address. Please do not type "" into your address box. I assure you, it will not lead you here. It will lead you to a Google page if you are using Chrome. Otherwise........ I have no idea. Probably a "This website does not exist" message, I guess.

Third, I am announcing a..............

I will add the curling hair post to this section, accessible from the top tab labeled "Style", and I am working on another post to put there! Stay tuned!

~ dana

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