Saturday, August 17, 2013

Halloween costume search :(

So, I am totally on a Halloween costume roll...........

except for the part where I can't find any.

First of all, I hate all the ones they sell in shops.........

WHAT. No. nonononononono.

No. Although the girls look like they're having fun, I will not have it. I'm not going to be dressed up as an alternate version of this:

Yeah...................... no.

So I've got to DIY it anyway. Well...... I have no ideas. Yikes.

At first I thought: Vanellope von Schweetz! I've got the black hair down, right?

But then I was like, ew no, it's going to be cliche this year.

Then I was like, hey let's be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania!

Then I was like, ew no, she looks so goth.

Then I got a brilliant idea while browsing the aisles of Michael's:

How about this gal?!

I might actually be this doggy. She's from Go, Dog, Go! Which was, like, the first book I ever read, except not really. :D

Hmm... how about WordGirl?

But, this girl is making me have second doubts:


Um......... Pocahontas? That would be pretty cool, except for I don't have a 1) leather/buckskin/brown dress and 2) I am not interested in wearing a brown paper bag over regular clothes like I did in second grade. Once is enough, thank you very much.

Then I thought I hit gold. An SNSD girl!!! OMG maybe?! 

Sans heels, of course.

Ehh........... it's a plain costume and nobody would recognize it..........

Oh! Oh! I know!!!!! I'll take inspiration from my absolute idol, Taytay..........


..........sans the eye makeup (sigh.......)

Alright then.

So the choices were:

Random lady dog with the hat
SNSD girl
Taylor Swift

Geez. Maybe I will do the Taylor Swift thing. Sigh........... it's also kinda plain.

Last year I wore this:

with homemade fairy wings and was Tinkerbell. It was a hit (in my opinion, anyway) although I omitted the wings in the end as they kept knocking into things ;)


  1. Oooh, loving the new layout thing...... I'm too lazy to post anything...
    I'm going as JAEN (lol but you know what I mean... right?)because I'm now tall enough for the costume! I used to step on it a lot, but the frayed edges give it "that effect," right? :)

    1. LOL omz i was soo totally confushed (^^) until i realized........... hahaha cool! thanks btw :)


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