Thursday, August 8, 2013

A DIY tutorial!!!!!!

So, omijosh, today is a HUGE day! Guess what I made with this chevron-ish calico cotton I purchased from Jo-Ann's? (I had a 40% coupon due to my overly-frugal attitude when it comes to shopping).

Can't you guess?!

OK, fine. It's this "Fabric Covered Notebook or Binder" diy project that I found on (link to original tute.)

Since it's time for BTS (back to school) anyway, I thought I'd make something to make the school day more bearable than it already is. It's like boosting an 85 to a 90. ^^ (Don't remind me of the Great School Makeover epic fail.)

So, I had this incredibly ugly plain black binder. I sadly don't have pictures of the original, but here's what it looked like.

Now I shall attempt to write the instructions for my very first DIY tutorial ever.

So... yup. ISN"T IT GORGEOUS?!!

Anyway, I probably will add a follow-up post when it dries................. like in a month or two. No biggie ;)

Anyhoo. Oh yes, I have a motto poster (for once!!)

I have a blue version too!

I found the quote from a poem by Emilie F on, titled "1964". It's a very lovely poem, y'all should go check it out!! :)

Till tomorrow, or next year,


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