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Amber: A Girl Living in the Time of Slavery

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So here is a story I wrote when I was in second grade about slavery. At the time, everybody (meaning, teachers, parents...) really liked the slaves' working song I composed within it (only lyrics, duh, not including the actual melody, which it has none.) Now, I still can't understand what is so special about it........?

Here it is!

Note: I'm sorry that Amber's last name may be offensive to some (like, oh, her last name labels her, too). I was very young at the time of writing this... also, I do think that the word Black is in some surnames so it's not specifically targeted at Amber's race.


Amber: A Girl Living in the Time of Slavery

Once, in the time of slavery, there lived a girl named Amber Blacker. She was a slave living on a plantation in a little tiny shack in Georgia.

Amber was separated from her baby sister, Anne, and from her hard working, loving sister, Sofi. Amber could not imagine life without her parents. Everyday Amber walked long distances to get water from the well and bring it to her master.

Her best friend was Becah Magres. Becah had been brought from Africa recently. Her Granny was still in Africa. Becah missed her very much. “I hardly knew her,” she said. “My Momma used to say Granny was the one who helped us all.”

One day, Amber was picking cotton on the plantation, when Becah started singing. When slaves sang, their songs had secret messages:

When will the horses come, one by one? Let’s hope they will come soon. Here they come. Here they come. The carriages they pull. The Freedom Land, the freedom Land, is where they will go to.

She understood this message: the horses and carriage are like trains. The Freedom Land is Canada. All of the slaves Amber knew escaped to Canada.

One day on August 19th, Becah, Amber, and their families escaped on the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman. They were scared, but they did not talk. They would get caught if they did. "The first stop is Lulu’s house”, muttered Harriet under her breath. They hid in Lulu’s garden. Her garden was full of weeds so no one could see them.

During the night, they ran to Dunkin’s Barn. Dunkin had seven barrels-- perfect!! Each person hid in a barrel. Then Dunkin put the barrels in a wagon and drove them to their next stop. Day after day, night after night, they ran and hid. Finally, they reached Canada!!

They cheered for joy. ” I must go now,” said Harriet. “Be good and I’ll get your sisters,” she told Amber. Amber smiled. Harriet always kept her promise. Exactly a month later, Harriet brought Anne and Sofi to Canada and they all lived happily ever after.


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  1. It shows you understood a lot back then, which is good, butt sentence structure variety is a little lacking...... oh wellz that doesn't really matter.
    when'd u change the bg??? my honest opinion on it is mean. :(

  2. Hey yes I know it looks horrid

    I have yet to find a great background photo
    I've (fortunately) kept a backup/restore file of the old thing, so I can restore whenever I want.... Butt I want to experiment on this first........... idk Dv: (it's got a nose!)


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