Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mani Saturday!! (10/26)

Okay so "Mani Saturday" is a weird moniker, but stick with me :)


This is amazing as I LOVE acrylics..... LOVE.

I have so many CraftSmart paints that nobody knows about (haha, now you know <3).

So I finally decided to use what I learned in this video:

[boyfriend does my nails]

to do my own toenails!! <3

Now, as none of you know, (lol) I can't paint my nails because of my nailbiting problem that annoyingly still exists although I cured about 85% of it.

But............ toenails are fair game and so I did my left foot toenails for this post!! <3


1. All Materials needed
2. New "Elsia" nail polish in 001(clear): see here. I got it from Watson's and it was (a little) expensive but there was a sale so :3
3. Emnono nail polish, used as a base coat but it's just regular nail polish. Emnono is a no-name brand, lol. I got it from AliceBox which is our local girls' store (for lack of better name........ 0.o.......... basically it sells hair accessories and cute bracelets and rings and socks and bags and trendy clothing upstairs)
4, 5. "Ivory" and "Bright Red" craftsmart acrylic paints. <33 love.

Before topcoat:

After topcoat:

Um, YAY! I know that it doesn't look like there's much difference, but the second one definitely is shinier (see those highlights?) and also, IT DIDN'T BLEED!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!


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